About us

iconBIT is manufacturer of IT-products. Our headquarters are based in Mönchengladbach near Dusseldorf, Germany and controls development, sales and distribution as well as end customer support all over Europe. The product portfolio covers ultra-mobile streamers, media players up to trendy smartwatches.

Worldwide representatives

Worldwide representatives

Our international team represents iconBIT in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Worldwide offices are located in Moscow, Hong Kong and San Francisco. Our local representatives are very familiar with our products, local distributors and customers.

Product portfolio

Powerbanks, Mediaplayer & Smart Scooter

iconBIT were on of the first companies to launch media players and miniPC categories in the European market. Based on Android OS, our small set-top-boxes and USB sticks turn HDMI TVs into Smart-TVs.

Huge market success, linked with positive customer feedback has meant we have continued to use Android as operating system for the next product family – our “NetTAB” smartphones and tablet PCs and we have since sold successive generations of product in this fast-growing market segment.

Our latest development has seen technical engineers put all their knowledge into a small, wearable device – the “Callisto Series”. Combining a smartphone, clock, camera and GPS in a fully functional Android smartwatch.

At the same time, we have launched „Car DVR“ dash cams – one of the bestselling products in the Russian market. These popular car cameras winning more and more fans all over Europe.

High capacity power banks – „FTB Series“ – complete our current product portfolio. Through ongoing development, power banks have become much smaller and more powerful. Meanwhile our engineers have created built-in features, e.g. flashlight or speakers and put their expertise in our new “FTB Smart chargers” for desktop usage.

Excellent references

Test Reviews

iconBIT products are tested and reviewed by specialized press. The needs and wishes of our customers are importance to us and are considered for product improvements and future development.