The PSS970BT and the PSS990BT both work as mobile speakers for all mobile devices on the go and at home. Both devices can be used via line-in connection or via Bluetooth as loudspeakers and have a telephone hands-free function. In addition, the PSS990BT offers further possibilities. The small all-rounder can additionally be used as an SD card reader, as an FM radio and as an external spare battery, and can also be coupled via NFC with corresponding devices. The PSS990BT is now available for € 49, – incl. VAT, the PSS970BT for € 39, -.

IconBIT’s new loudspeakers bring mobile sound to wherever it is needed. Although both units are extremely light, they provide extremely rich sound thanks to the integrated subwoofers and guarantee with strong batteries for long music, video or game sessions. As an external loudspeaker system for laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc., they can be connected via a cable or via a Bluetooth connection and can also be used as a hands-free system.

In addition, the iconBIT PSS990BT presents itself as a Swiss pocket knife under the loudspeakers. Its loudspeaker functions can also be used in the solo entertainer mode – namely when the device reads the music from a memory card, or when it is used as an FM radio. In addition, the PSS990BT provides straightforward first aid. If the battery of a smartphone or tablet comes to an end, he likes to jump as a battery charger and recharges the mobile device.
The functional package of the PSS990BT is rounded off by the support of the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Smartphones, which also support them, can be coupled to the loudspeaker without any effort by a single touch.

Technical specifications:
Integrated subwoofer
FM radio, microSD card reader (PSS990BT only)
One Touch Connection with NFC (Near Field Communication) (PSS990BT only)
Hands-free function
Charging mobile devices via USB port 5V 1A-Out (only PSS990BT)
Battery capacity 2200 mAh (PSS990BT), 1000 mAh (PSS970BT)