[Review] KickScooter Tracer: Hardwareluxx is testing iconBIT’s new e-scooter

The editors of Hardwareluxx have tested the iconBit Kick Scooter Tracer. Particularly positive is the good build quality, lightweight construction and the good rolling behavior of the 8-inch wheels.

[Press report] Hardwareluxx: iconBit Kick Scooter Unicorn

The editors of Hardwareluxx have tested the iconBit Kick Scooter Unicorn, an electric scooter for children from the age of five. The focus was mainly on the ease of use and robust construction.
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Kick Scooter Unicorn – Powerful E-Kick Scooter for kids

The perfect e-kick scooter for kids with 5" wheels and Motor-Assist function, robust fiberglass frame (Pa66) and height-adjustable handlebar.
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Kick Scooter Tracer – Perfect e-scooter for the city

The Kick Scooter Tracer is a powerful, quiet and quiet electric 8"scooter with 3 speed settings.

[Press report] The big electric wheel test: iconBIT K7 and K9 under the magnifying glass

The e-bike magazine ElektroRad has in Issue 1/2019 u.a. our two electric bikes iconBIT K7 and K9 tested.

[Press report] Playboy Russia chooses iconBIT E-Bike K7 among the 5 best gadgets of spring

The Russian Playboy editors have chosen our Ebike iconBIT K7 as one of the best devices of this spring. The editors recommend Iconbit K7 as the most compact electric bicycle for the city.
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Kick Scooter TT v3 – Powerful, quiet, electric.

A powerful, quiet and silent electric scooter with 6.5 inch solid rubber tires.
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Kick Scooter Delta Pro – Road-legal electric scooter with 8 “rear wheel drive and drum brake

The iconBit kick scooter Delta Pro is a powerful, street legal electric scooter. The foldable electric scooter with rear-wheel drive has a comfortable 8 "tires and has a total of three brakes: A mechanical drum brake plus electronic brake (EBS) on the front wheel and a mechanical foot brake at the rear. The kick scooter Delta Pro has a maximum speed of max. 20 km / h.

[Press report] iconBit K7 e-bike: Best solution for commuters

The editors of Hardwareluxx have tested the iconBIT E-Bike K7 for its suitability for everyday use. Overall, the bike leaves a positive impression.
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Aqua Scooter

The iconBit Aqua Scooter turns every diving and snorkeling tour into an experience.,