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Electric city bike: iconBIT E-BIKE K9 with 26 “tires

The iconBit E-BIKE K9 is a powerful city bike with 26 "aluminum alloy wheels and front suspension fork.
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Kick Scooter TT v2

A powerful, quiet and silent electric scooter with 6.5 inch solid rubber tires.

[Press report] Electric scooters conquer the city

The Dutch daily de Volkskrant reports to the editors and others. About iconBIT KickScooter and the various concepts that the cities of San Francisco, Paris and Moscow are trying to actively shape the future of individual urban transport.
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iconBIT E-BIKE K7 is made of high quality aluminum. It is the perfect bike for commuters in the city. Its compact size and simple folding design make it easy to transport on public transport.