Step 1: IMPORTANT! The SmartScooter must be switched off for charging. The supplied power supply starts the charging process only when the scooter is switched off – this is a safety mechanism! This prevents the SmartScooter from being moved during the charging process.

Step 2: Make sure that the charging port is clean and dry, and that there is no dust or dirt inside the charging port.

Step 3: Connect the charging cable to the power supply. Then plug the power supply into a wall outlet (100V ~ 240V, 50, 60 Hz). Check that the power supply LED is GREEN.

Step 4: Connect the adapter of the power supply to the charging input of the scooter. The battery status indicator of the scooter now lights up RED and indicates that the battery is currently charging. When charging is complete, the color of the battery status indicator changes from RED to GREEN. The average duration is 2-3 hours.

Step 5: Disconnect the power supply from the scooter and from the socket after the charging process has ended (the status LED lights up green).

NOTE: The battery status LED is not on the SmartScooter itself, but on the supplied power supply. Red LED illuminates the charging process; Green LED indicates the completed charging process.