Freedom for the outlets and more desk space – the FTB Five invites up to five Android, iOS or Windows device at the same time. iconBIT, manufacturer of innovative multimedia solutions, today introduced FTB Five a universal charger for mobile phones and tablets of all manufacturers before that can charge up to five devices simultaneously, and merely takes a socket space. For this is the FTB Five ready five USB ports, each offering twice 2.1A and 1.0A and 1.3A once output voltage. The FTB Five is now in iconBIT Store under VAT and retails for € 24,95 incl.. available.

One of the daily miseries of the digital age is the constant search for a free and adequate charger for exactly the device that is just at the end of its battery life. And given the large number of devices that have now found their way into almost every household, there are usually more than just one of them. Here iconBITs FTB Five instantly creates and space-saving remedy. Instead of the whole apartment to be fitted with different chargers, can be the FTB Five five devices at the same time and recharge in one place via only one outlet. Each of the USB outputs is supplied with a base voltage of 5 volts, and includes voltage regulators that ensure that these are kept constant even at any time. In addition, the FTB Five offers protection against short circuits, overheating, overcurrent and overvoltage.

iconBIT FTB Five: € 24,95

Main Features:

  • Input: AC 100V-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Outputs: USB х 5 5V/5А(Max.)

    USB 1 5V/2.1А
    USB 2 5V/1.3А#
    USB 3 5V/2.1А
    USB 4 5V/1.0А
    USB 5 5V/1.0А