Kick Scooter TT

A powerful, quiet and silent electric scooter with 6.5 inch solid rubber tires.

Thanks to the foot brake, the Kick Scooter TT v2 stops safely and quickly. The integrated electronic brake (EBS) provides even more safety and additional comfort because it recharges the battery during the braking process (recovery function).

The aluminum construction can be quickly and easily folded thanks to comfortable 3-step folding mechanism. The integrated LED headlight ensures optimal visibility even in the dark.

The 3 speed levels can be easily adjusted using the buttons on the board computer. Important information such as the current speed, distance covered and the battery status are displayed in the illuminated display of the board computer.

  • 3-step folding mechanism
  • 6.5 “solid rubber tires
  • Smart board computer
  • LED front light