Kick Scooter Unicorn

The iconBit Kick Scooter Unicorn is the perfect e-kick scooter for kids. The 5 “wheels and motor-assist function are specially designed for children, as well as the sturdy fiberglass frame (Pa66) and a height-adjustable handlebar. Available in three colors.

Extreme mobility
The frame and the tread of the iconBit Kick Scooter Unicorn are made of high quality glass fibers, making them super lightweight yet durable. The iconBit Kick Scooter Unicorn is the perfect scooter for kids.

Latest engine technology
The 5-inch rear hub motor has been specifically designed to be high-ohmic, powerful and yet lightweight. The acceleration is gentle and quiet and provides a comfortable driving experience.

  • Frame material: fiberglass Pa66
  • Colors: blue, pink, black
  • Max. Speed: up to 6km / h
  • Motor Assist function (support starts automatically)
  • Adjustable handlebar: 3 heights 85/90/95 cm

Kick Scooter Unicorn

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