Kick Scooter City

The iconBit Kick Scooter City is the ideal companion for everyday life in a big city.

The electric scooter has big 8.5 “wheels, a powerful front engine and a rear disc brake. Thanks to the simple folding mechanism, the Kick Scooter City can be taken to the bus and train to save space. The scooter is StVZO compliant and therefore street legal in Germany.

Compact in everyday life

The compact design and the robust, but simple folding technology ensure absolute flexibility in every everyday situation. The powerful battery of the Kick Scooter City provides a considerable distance and freedom. After IPX4, the e-scooter is protected against splashes of water everywhere.

Well sprung by the city

Thanks to the integrated rear suspension, the Kick Scooter City glides smoothly and smoothly, providing a controlled and pleasant ride. The integrated electronic brake (EBS) charges the battery during the braking process (recovery function).

Allowed on the street

The Kick Scooter City comes ex works with a general operating permit (ABE). This means that you only have to take out liability insurance in order to be allowed on the road.

The recommended retail price is 479.99 EUR.

  • Farbe: schwarz
  • Max. Geschwindigkeit: bis zu 20km/h
  • Bremssystem: elektrische Bremse und hintere Scheibenbremse
  • Stoßdämpfer: hinterer Doppelstoßdämpfer
  • Straßenzugelassen / StVZO-konform