UV sterilizer disinfection box

U Box

Our smartphones are daily companions in everyday life, whether at home, at work or even in bed, we have them in hand. We often forget to clean our smartphones sufficiently, which is why smartphones are often breeding grounds for many viruses and bacteria. In everyday use, we collect viruses and bacteria from many surfaces that we touch with our hands and transfer them to our smartphones.

After visiting public places, we wash our hands. However, our dirty smartphones are usually only rarely cleaned or not cleaned at all. Our smartphones thus become carriers of invisible viruses and bacteria. Unfortunately, the smartphone cannot be thrown in the washing machine or simply washed with soap. However, it is important and necessary to disinfect the surface of the smartphone regularly and correctly in order to protect yourself from dangerous bacteria.

UV sterilization Aroma atomizer 360 ° sterilization

Masks can be reused after disinfection!

Automatic shutdown

The UV box switches off automatically if it is opened during the sterilization mode. Press the power button again to repeat the sterilization process.

UV-C wavelength

The short-wave UV-C rays (253.7 nm) destroy the DNA of microorganisms and have been shown to kill them in this way. The result: The UV-C radiation has a highly sterilizing effect.

Versatile application options for sterilization

• Sterilization time 8 minutes
• Ultraviolet wavelength: 253.7 nm
• Disinfection power: 3W
• Maximum power: 7W
• Size (outside): 205 x 120 x 34.5 mm
• Size (inside): 168 x 89 x 22 mm
• Power consumption: Micro USB 5V / 2A
• Weight: 267 g