iconBIT provides the FTB 12000 JS before a Travel Charger, which has as a special feature on a jump start kit for cars and can be used as workshop lamp. iconBIT, manufacturer of innovative multimedia solutions, today introduced FTB 12000 JS before a Travel Charger, the digital mobile devices on the go charging back, but also has a jump start kit for cars and a workshop lamp can be used. The voltage of the FTB 12000JS is high enough for stranded vehicles. The new 3-in-1 battery is now available in iconBIT Store under www.iconbit.de VAT and the wholesale price of € 99.95 incl.. available. Its range of functions makes the FTB 12000JS an ideal helper in every workshop, in the car, while sailing and when camping. Primarily charges iconBITs little helper electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, GPS receiver and much more. back on when the batteries are running empty. These are included a number of adapters for common connections. The 12,000 mAh which stores the unit, are enough to repeatedly breathe smartphones a new life. But the FTB 12000JS can revive even larger batteries. Using the supplied jumper terminals, the battery is able to give automobiles jumpstart. This even multiply. The search for a helpful vehicle owner or the call ADAC unnecessary in this way.

Last but not least is the FTB 12000JS its owner still a bright workshop lamp to hand that can moreover the SOS signal morsen when traveling really worst comes to worst.

Main Features:

  • Battery: Li-Polymer
  • Charge: 12000mAh/44.4Wh
  • Ouput: DC 12V (for car) / DC 19V (Notebooks) / USB 5V/2.1A 200A
  • Massuerement of the produkt in mm: 163 x 87 x 37.3
  • Weight of the Produkt in g: 500