iconBIT Kick Scooter City

The ideal companion? Computer image tests electric kick scooter City (IK-1969K)

The COMPUTER BILD editorial team tested our Kick Scooter City (IK-1969)! Unfortunately, our electric scooter narrowly missed the test victory. The overall grade 2.6 and a “fabulous” range of 19.5 kilometers were still sufficient to be awarded as a price tip.

The iconBIT Kick Scooter City barely misses the good mark, but “actually this scooter is a good product that is even better than the test winner in some respects”.

Positive aspects of the iconBIT Kick Scooter City:

    • Stably built
    • Drives safely
    • good acceleration
    • very good range (19.5 km)
    • Price tip

Negative aspects of the iconBIT Kick Scooter City:

  • low payload max. 100 kg
  • gruff driving feeling
  • Weight quite heavy (16 kg)