iconBIT Kick Scooter Tracer

KickScooter Tracer: Hardwareluxx is testing iconBIT’s new e-scooter

The editors of Hardwareluxx have tested the iconBit Kick Scooter Tracer. Particularly positive is the good build quality, lightweight construction and the good rolling behavior of the 8-inch wheels.

The editorial sums up “The iconBIT Kick Scooter Tracer is not only interesting for commuting between home and office, but can also be used quite well due to its large wheels, even off the beaten track.”

Positive aspects of the iconBit Kick Scooter Tracer:

  • Robust and relatively light construction
  • Good workmanship
  • Good roll behavior
  • Versatility through 8-inch wheels

Negative aspects of the iconBit Kick Scooter Tracer:

  • Folding mechanism not very intuitive
  • Brake and throttle lever slightly smooth

There was also a comparison to the competition model of Xiaomi during the test. In contrast, the Tracer has an electronic engine braking function with energy recovery to charge the battery.