Scooter Bag 10

iconBIT Scooter Bag – Accessory bag for iconBIT Smart Scooter with 10″ tires. The perfect addition for your 10″ tired self balancing scooter.

Protects your scooter from dirt and scratches!

  • Carry bag self balancing scooters with 10″ tires
  • colour: black
  • zip fastening
  • durable
  • 100% Nylon
  • Massuerement of the produkt in cm (HxWxL): 29x67x29 cm
  • Weight in g: 300
  • Packaging weight (incl. Product) in g: 310
    Massuerement of the packaging (incl. Product) in cm (HxWxL): 7x20x60