The Power Bank FTB4000SF triggers with only one push of a button, the camera on your smartphone, enabling shooting of Selfies, group pictures and even macro images. iconBIT, manufacturers of IT products for everyday life, today presented the Selfie Power Bank FTB4000SF in trendy design with a remote tripping function for photos. The Selfie Power Bank FTB4000SF invites not only mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices with power back on, but it also simultaneously represents a control unit for photos. The Power Bank redeemed with just one push of a button, the camera on your smartphone. Thanks to the intelligent “one-button” solution you are shooting with just one button pictures from afar, switch between front and back cam of your smartphone, turn on the built-in LED flashlight on or off, and let the remaining capacity of the Selfie Power Bank Show.
The free “Snap remote” – app from the Google Play Goals and app store saves you thanks to automatic control nerve-consuming connection attempts, running energy saving by not using a wireless connection and even allows simultaneous Selfie shoot with multiple smartphones and tablets.

iconBIT Power Banks are compact, high quality and offer the highest capacity and output performance with high durability. Through continuous development the portable batteries have become ever smaller and more powerful until today.

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price. 11.95 € including VAT.

Main Features:

  • Powerbank in trendy design
  • Fernauslöse function by pressing a button for Selfies, group portraits, macro pictures
  • Kostenlose Easy-to-use app (without pairing)
  • Umschalten between front and rear camera
  • Energy-Saving-Usage – Energy saving by waiving wireless connections
  • LED flashlight
  • Status LEDs for the remaining capacity indicator
  • Capacity: 4000 mAh @ 5v Battery type: Lithium-lon
  • Micro USB input: 5V / 1A
  • USB output: 5V / 1A
  • Massuerement of the produkt in mm: 100 x 65 x 26
  • Weight of the Produkt in g: 178