Smart ScooterEco

iconBIT SMART SCOOTER ECO – The latest generation self-balancing electric scooter with great safety features.

The Eco Hoverboard by iconBIT

The iconBIT Smart Scooter Eco is a two-wheeled, battery-powered fun car based on the principle of “self-balancing scooter”. Equipped with the Safety Autobalance technology, the Smart Scooter Eco can perform 360 ° turns on the spot (radius-free).

Twice is better: safety first

By using the Safety Autobalance technology in combination with the Safety Protection System, you always have control over your Smart Eco Scooter.

For safety reasons, the Smart Scooter Eco can automatically reduce the top speed of 10 km / h to walking speed with the help of the “Speedup Function” when the battery is empty.

If you empty the battery completely while driving, the Smart Eco Scooter will gradually reduce the speed to a complete stop. A sudden stop with high accident potential while driving is thus prevented.

  • Safety Autobalance-Technology
  • Safety Protection System
  • 3 x ARM processor for even more precise control
  • Max. Speed: approx. 10 km / h
  • High quality solid rubber tires

The iconBit Smart Scooter Eco is CE marked and of course complies with all product requirements of relevant EU directives. This is also proven by the successful examinations by an independent testing institute.

Please read the operating instructions completely and carefully before first use.

DANGER – Never use your Smart Scooter when the battery charging warning sounds. Since the remaining capacity of the battery u.U. is no longer sufficient to stabilize the scooter, there is an acute risk of accident!
Fully charge the battery before continuing.

CAUTION – Wear a helmet, elbow pads, wrist guards and knee protectors as protective clothing. We also recommend comfortable clothing and flat, closed shoes.