Aqua Scooter

iconBIT Aqua Scooter for ultimate diving pleasure – a “must have” for those who have found their passion in diving or snorkeling.

Glide through the water and relax

With the Aqua Scooter, you can enjoy the underwater world quite relaxed, without the laborious use of force. The Aqua Scooter makes every dive and snorkel tour an experience.

The powerful 250W motor accelerates you up to 5 km / h (2.7 knots). It is also quiet and very easy to use.

In the lake or in the sea!

Designed for use in salt and fresh water, the scooter glides through every body of water to a depth of 20 meters.

No matter whether you snorkel on the water surface with the Aqua Scooter,
explore the depths of the sea or just relax while swimming through the water – fun is guaranteed in any case! With up to 60 minutes operating time with one charge, you have enough time to absorb all the impressions of the underwater world, no matter whether you snorkel or dive with the Aqua Scooter,

To balance the Aqua Scooter perfectly to your needs, it has a buoyancy control chamber. You can do this, e.g. fill with stones or sand to optimally adjust the buoyancy to your needs.

For safety, the Aqua Scooter is equipped with a two-handle system, only when both hands are on the handle starts the drive screw.
In addition, the drive screw is mounted behind a grid, so your fingers are optimally protected.

  • • For use in salt and fresh water
    • Propeller cage for your safety
    • Built-in buoyancy control