Smart Scooter UL

The Smart Scooter UL with Autobalance function is an intuitive, technologically advanced solution for movement of a different kind. A battery-powered, two-wheeled locomotive based on the principle of self-balancing scooters with electric motors in a new futuristic design.

Safety Autobalance makes driving even safer! The self-balancing scooter makes driving even easier and reduces the risk of falling when riding over bumps. The autobalance feature can be turned on or off as needed, making it not only safer but also more convenient.

The system has 3 x ARM processors for a more precise motion and safety control and slowly reduces the speed to 0 km when the battery is empty. While the Smart Control acceleration function with low battery level and the high-quality battery guarantees a long life with protection against voltage drop, overheating and overcharging.

UL2272 – The security certificate especially for hoverboards

The iconBIT Smart Scooter UL is UL2272 certified, a test mark designed specifically for hoverboards to ensure the highest level of safety.
UL (Underwriters Laboratories), based in the US, is an independent organization that inspects and certifies products for safety.
UL Certified Products undergo rigorous testing and extensive testing to meet the stringent UL (Underwriters Laboratories) requirements.
With the UL2272 certification, high security standards were created to specifically mark the electronic security of a hoverboard.

  • 3 x ARM processor system made for
    more precise Motion and Safety Control
    seamlessly and interactively integrated
  • Switchable auto balance function
    provides increased convenience and safety
  • Long life and safe battery pack
  • Voltage drop, overheat and overcharging
    protection system
  • Speedup function smart control, if battery is low