Forget cars, bikes or skateboards: It has never been so easy and fun to move from one location to another. The iconBIT Smart Scooter is a battery-operated fun vehicle on two wheels controled by shifting your body weight. iconBIT, hitherto known as a manufacturer of IT products, today presented the iconBIT Smart Scooter, a trendy self-balancing funboard with electric drive. With this product innovation, the manufacturer enters the new market segment of e-mobility. The electric scooters have recently become a global phenomenon, and have been seen used by celebrities all over the world.

Driving the scooter is intuitive and therefore easy to learn, but requires a certain level of balance and adequate physical fitness. The iconBIT Smart Scooter has gyroscope and acceleration sensors that calculate the user’s center of gravity. The combination of both allows the drive. The iconBIT Smart scooter can be controlled in the following directions: forward, backward, left on the spot, right on the spot.

The iconBIT Smart scooter is a two-wheeled, battery-powered fun vehicle based on the principle self balancing scooter. Equipped with the 5th generation self-balancing technology and “T / S Turn and Boost” technology you can perform 360 ° turns of iconBIT Smart scooter on the spot. The compact dimensions and the “zero-degree turn radius” of iconBIT Smart Scooters, allow driving in confined spaces and outdoors.

Two powerful electric motors with a total of 700 watts power the scooter in combination with the 158 Wh capacity large original Samsung battery , The “Smart BMS” battery management and high-quality solid rubber tires to a top speed of up to 15 km / h and a maximum range of up to 20 kilometers. On the non-slip foot pad, the board can transport up to 110 kilogram of body weight.

The iconBIT Smart Scooter is a fun vehicle that is not designed to be used on public roads and pavements. It is only legal to use on private property. So no additional tax or insurance is required. Thus makes the iconBIT Smart scooter a perfect Christmas present for all trendsetters, children or enthusiastic friends.